Qvests is a platform where investment ideas, research, sentiment, consensus and model portfolios can be collectively or individually created and applied.
Find or create research and ideas

Join or create groups. Leverage collective insights, knowledge, crowdsourced investment sentiment


Share with trusted people or anyone


Construct, manage, and synchronise investment portfolios

Qvests helps to create “better information”

We believe that collective thinking creates better infor- mation and enables better in- vestment decisions

Investment information is much more than just Wall Street style analysis of finan- cial indicators

As Peter Lynch famously said:
“Behind every stock is a company. Find out what it’s doing”.

How do you find out?

Through Qvests, crowds, communities, groups of interested people
Get Better Informed: Go on Qvests
Qvests are investing “quests”; journeys with an investment related goal or mission
  • Be a better investor
  • Be a more responsible owner
  • Be a more engaged organisation
As with any other journey, going solo is lonely and risky. You can still go solo or form or join a team.
Explore Investment Ideas
Discover smart model portfolios
Create meaningful conversations with other shareholders
Engage & Influence companies
Understand the impacts of investments
Build strong relationships

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Investing is more than money

Investing is about applying capital to create and enhance value and values.